Qantas Launches The Joey Club for Youngest Flyers

4th May 2015

Qantas has partnered with one of the most eminent kid's entertainment group "The Wiggles". Together, these two companies aim to offer a range of great benefit for the youngest passengers via a program called "The Joey Club".

The "Joey Club" is created with the idea of bringing a flying experience that the kids and their family onboard the Qantas planes will enjoy and remember. It's supposed to be both fun and engaging.

Chief executive for brand, marketing and corporate affairs at Qantas Group Olivia Wirth explained that, for children especially flying by jet is a thrilling experience. Because of this, Qantas aims to make traveling with its planes a great experience for the entire family.

The "Joey Club" starts in June this year. All Frequent Flyer members from the age of 3 to the age of 10 will get a Joey Club kit once they join the program.

The program is extended only to Australia-based members.

Qantas has also decided to waive the regular join fee ($89.50) until 31 December, 2015. Parents who wish their kid to join can do so at by this date for free, as long as they're a Frequent Flyer member.

What Does Joey Club Program Involve?

The Joey Club initiative includes:

- Kid menus in Australian lounges. This includes sandwiches, fresh fruit and snacks.

- A novelty passport where children can see where they went with Qantas.

- Kid fun zones in all of Qantas lounges (domestic and international), including toys, computers and books.

- More children in-flight entertainment channels. Right now Qantas offers a 21 hour movie channel and a 28 hour TV shows channel with shows like Peppa the Pig.

Qantas offers some other family-friendly creativities like:

- In-flight meals for kids above 2 years old

- Infant meals for kids up to 2 years old with top brand baby food, cereals and milk.

- Extra baggage allowance for push-chair, strollers, baby capsule or similar.

- Priority family boarding on Qantas jets. Staff currently at the boarding gate will be ready to assist moms and dads in pre-boarding the plane.

Right now, kids are the fastest growing part of the Qantas Frequent Flyer membership base. Many parents are signing their kids up as soon as they are born in order to enjoy the benefits Qantas offers them.