Qantas Made Flyby Over Sydney Harbor

4th Feb 2014

Qantas, the country's flag carrier, helped the already vibrant celebration of the national day even more colorful as it celebrated Australia Day in style a few hundred feet over Sydney skies.

The Red Roo flew one of its jumbo A380 and did a breathtaking flyby over the equally awe-inspiring beautiful Sydney Harbor over the weekend to celebrate Australia Day.

The nation was in jubilation and in party mode on January 26 as they commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet of British Ships that made anchor at Sydney Cove in 1788. The Flag of Great Britain was raised in a historic gesture to mark the official annexation of Australia's eastern seaboard with the Great Britain, thus establishing the latter's sovereignty over the former.

Many Australians congregated at the picturesque harbor to witness the equally historic event happening a few hundred feet above Sydney. The flyby drew oohs and aahs from the crowd as the superjumbo jet made a series of stunning aerial shows over the city.

Though the day was a little bit dreary, it didn't discourage the people from going to the harbor and partook in the country's jovial celebration of their beloved country's biggest party of the year.

The spectacle, though lasted only for minutes, offered Sydneysiders a rare show in the sky.