Qantas Moves Ahead With Qantas Cash Card

28th Apr 2013

Qantas is not about to be left behind in the competition with the soon-to-be-launched travel money card, aptly called Qantas Cash.

The target launch of the Qantas Cash Card is still months away, but the flag carrier is now starting to market the card this early.

Selected members of the airline's frequent flyers program have started to receive invitations through emails from the airline to 'jump to the front of the queue' with the prospect of being the first to own this multi-currency smart card.

The launching of the new money card by Qantas is a response to Virgin's own Global Wallet which it started to market a week earlier.

Both airlines are trying to outdo each other in this department by launching their respective cards that will shape the future of air travel. Both cards share almost identical features. Each of them has multiple functions in that aside from being cash cards, they will also function as regular ATM cards where holders will be able to withdraw money through ATM machines in Australia and around the world.

What's more? Using the cards alone through purchases of goods and ATM withdrawals will enable members to earn a number of frequent flyer points even without flying.

Both Global Wallet and Qantas Cash are capable of storing up to nine currencies in separate virtual wallets. Aside from Australian dollars, other currencies that the cards might have in common include US dollar, Euro, UK pound, as well as Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore dollars.

Qantas has partnered with MasterCard and Visa for Virgin Australia.