Qantas Named Best Australian Airline by TripAdvisor

10th Apr 2017

Qantas Airways has been named as the best airline in Australia in the first annual TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Awards for airlines. The biggest Australian airline has been recognized by TripAdvisor as the best in the country ahead of Virgin Australia, Jetstar and other competitors based on an algorithm that measures the quality and quantity of user-submitted airline ratings and reviews across the Internet.

Meanwhile, TTCA has also named the best airlines in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East, as well as the top 10 global airlines. The first spot on that list went to Qantas' partner Emirates from United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Here are the top 10 global airlines by TripAdvisor Traveller's Choice Awards 2017:

1. Emirates (UAE)

2. Singapore Airlines (Singapore)

3. Azul (Brazil)

4. JetBlue (United States)

5. Air New Zealand (New Zealand)

6. Korean Air (South Korea)

7. Japan Airlines (Japan)

8. Thai Smile (Thailand)

9. Alaska Airlines (United States)

10. Garuda (Indonesia)

At the same time Emirates has also been awarded first place in the Economy Class category, while Russian Aeroflot and Air New Zealand grabbed first place for the Business Class and Premium Economy Class categories.

Virgin Australia Gets a Reward of its Own

Meanwhile, Virgin Australia has been reaping awards of its own. The latest comes from Onboard Hospitality Awards 2017, where this carrier has been named as the "Best for Onboard Beverages".

Virgin Australia's General Manager for Inflight Experience Tash Tobias said upon receiving the award:

"Our team is always searching for ways to deliver an outstanding experience for our guests in the air and to promote the ingenuity of Australian winemakers and producers. We are thrilled that the work of our In-flight Experience team and St Hallet winemaker Shelley Cox has been recognized with this prestigious award."

Virgin has received the award for its customized wine "The Duo", which they developed in partnership with St Hallet and Fine Wine Partners winery from Barossa Valley.

Judges Nikos Loukas and George Banks said:

"A specially-blended wine from an historic wine producing region, this wine had a great taste on the palate with a balance of strength and elegance. It also brings an interesting back story and links to the onboard wine service".