Qantas Now Allows Customers Use Gadgets

26th Aug 2014

The flag carrier has introduced another customer service innovation following the approval by the country's Civil Aviation Safety Authority of its request to allow passengers use their digital device during the entire leg of their flights?that is, from gate to gate.

Though not a total freedom of using the full capacity of the device, passengers are now able to use their smart phones, tablets, and audio-video players, at least, in flight mode.

The Chief Executive for Domestic operations, Lyell Strambi, was pleased to announce the news about the airline's newest offering. He said that the latest offering will hopefully give their customers the freedoms and flexibility in the use of their gadgets on-board.

He was also proud of the airline's pioneering move in offering passengers in-flight service innovation, such as the in-flight entertainment feature providing wireless access using their digital device.

Before Qantas officially introduced the service to all its flights, the airline conducted a series of rigorous testing to assess its feasibility without compromising the plane's safe operation. The test was successful enough to guarantee the safe use of the gadgets during the entire leg of the flight, from the moment it eases out of the gate as it takes off, until it touches down and wheels to the gate of the destination airport.

Furthermore, the airline is also studying the possibility for allowing customers to download media files on their own personal gadgets.

Currently, customers need to download or install Q streaming app to their device or hook up to Q Streaming In-flight Entertainment network via their browser.