Qantas Now Offers SMS Mobile Check-in

12th Dec 2014

Aside from its own app and its web-based facility, Qantas has introduced SMS-based check-in facility, dubbed 'Auto Check-in', to its customers who have no luxury of time to do such task.

Qantas must be the first in the world to introduce the SMS-based check-in service, which now allows customers with only a feature phone which is capable of receiving email messages.

Customers only need to open up the email link or SMS that Qantas will send to them. They need to follow the three basic steps as instructed in the message after which they will receive an 'Aztec code' boarding pass.

The three-step procedure is definitely an enhancement of the check-in process that customers have to perform at the airport. Like mobile and web-based check-in, the text-based check-in service eliminates long lines in the airport check-in counters and allow customers to relax while waiting for their boarding time.

The service though is only available for customers on domestic flights.

According to Qantas Domestic Head of Customer Strategy Philip Capps, the innovative service simplifies the check-in process especially for customers who don't have enough time to spare.

Like its app and web-based check-in, the service also allows customers to select seat or change flight depending on their travel needs.

The new service is initially available on the following sectors: Sydney-Darwin, Sydney-Adelaide, and Sydney-Perth. It will soon expand to include most domestic routes as early as next year.

How the SMS-based service works? Here's how:

- During the booking procedure, customers need to provide a mobile phone number.

- A few hours before the scheduled departure, a customer will receive an email or SMS from the airline to confirm if they're pushing through with their flight.

- If the customer confirms he has no dangerous cargo to check in, he will then receive a boarding pass on their phone. Otherwise, he will be referred to a Customer Service Agent at the airport to complete their check-in process.

If a customer has luggage to check in, he simply get his mobile boarding pass scanned at the bag drop section.