Qantas Offer $90M Bonus for 18 Month Wage Freeze

5th Jul 2015

Thousands of Qantas' employees could see their accounts richer by up to $90 million in bonuses put together, if only they agree to an 18-month wage freeze the Australian carrier offers.

A "Thank You for Your Kind Contribution" Bonus

According to Alan Joyce, Chief Executive at Qantas, the bonus is a way to acknowledge the contribution Qantas' staff has made while the carrier was recovering from the $2.8 billion loss in the previous year.

This year, the airline is back on track when it comes to profitability and has a first-half profit of over $200 million. The company expects even better results when the year ends.

In a statement Joyce said:

"The rapid turnaround of the Qantas Group has only been made possible through the dedication and hard work of our people. Our ability to make these bonus payments reflects a bright future for the Qantas Group, provided we stay focused on delivering the transformation that has brought us this far."

Each Qantas employee would get a one-time bonus of about 5 per cent to his or her annual salary. The average salary in Qantas is a little over $3,200.

Transport Workers Union Calls Offer "Cynical Ploy".

However, while Qantas senior executives are saying nothing but good things about the bonus, for the Transport Workers Union (TWU), it is nothing but a "cynical ploy". The TWU also said this will actually undermine the living standards of Qantas workers.

Tony Sheldon, National Secretary at TWU commented the bonuses were at odds with job cuts currently underway at the airline, as well as with the replacement of full-time with part-time staff.

Sheldon did not mince words when commenting the bonus offer:

"The company has used the money that they've taken off the employees to turn around and take back to them and say they're Father Christmas. Scrooge is alive and kicking. To now have one in five employees working at Qantas living below the poverty line is outrageous."