Qantas Offers Free Digital Papers via PressReader

28th May 2015

Bored in the airport lounge? Nothing to do on your flight, but stare at clouds? Qantas has the offered a solution for its customers.

The Australian carrier now offers free downloads of magazines and newspapers on iPad through the digital publishing service PressReader.

This follows the trial run Qantas had with PressReader in late 2013 and early 2014, which was obviously a great success.

How to Download a Paper via PressRelease?

Passengers can access and download their favorite papers 24 hours before their flight departs. All they have to do is open the Qantas app on their smartphone and tap "download newspapers and magazines". This button will appear whether the user is at home or in one of Qantas' lounges.

Once they click this button, users will get 12 hours of downloads free of cost via Press Reader. That's a lot of reading to get on your Android, iOS or tablet.

Speaking about the new feature on their app, Qantas Group Executive Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs executive Olivia Wirth said the following:

"Many people use flights as a way to catch up with their reading, so this new service opens up a huge library of titles for people to choose from before they take off. We built PressReader into the existing Qantas app to make it easier for customers to manage all parts of the journey through the one application."

PressReader library has over 3,600 titles from more than 100 countries across the globe, including Australia. Of course, the digital editions of whatever the passanger downloads will remain on his or her mobile device until they decide to delete them.

Another domestic carrier, Virgin Australia also offers PressReader access for free to its guests, but free download are only possible when connected to the airline's Wi-Fi in its Australian lounges.