Qantas offers Free WiFi on Four Local Airports

30th Oct 2012

From having an hourly rate of $5 in their internet access offers, Qantas is now offering free WiFi access at their Terminal 3 in Sydney, Terminal 1 in Melbourne as well as in their Brisbane and Perth airports.

This move is part of their ?91 Reasons to Fly With Us? campaign and has been a fruit of their change in internet providers (from Telstra to Optus). Since January, a boost in internet speed reaching 20mbps has been observed in the airport lounges and is freely accessible for all travelers in all their terminals.

It can however be noted that some of the other ?reasons? cited by the company have been listed repeatedly and there is some doubt as to the ?freshness? of the things listed on it.

A few repetitions in that can be noted are those concerning the promise of having more flights (seen in nos. 15 and 68), airport lounges (nos. 23 and 46), mobile booking (nos. 2 and 85) as well as fast check-in (repeated thrice on nos. 18, 33 and 91).