Qantas Opens Online Mall for New Zealand Frequent Flyers

30th Nov 2015

Qantas Airways has some nice news for its frequent flyer members in New Zealand. Namely, the Flying Kangaroo has launched a new Qantas Online Mall, so its customers will be able to earn even more Qantas Points when they shop online and no sooner did this come with Christmas and New Year just around the corner.

Customers can access Qantas Online Mall via and will be able to earn up to five Qantas Points for every dollar they spend on a variety of domestic or international brands.

Last month, the carrier has also launched Qantas Cash prepaid travel money facility and Jetstar has also guaranteed minimum point guarantee needed to buy a fare on its domestic routes.

In addition, the announcement also follows news from Qantas US-based partner, American Airlines that it will begin flying between Los Angeles and Auckland, while Jetstar has started operating regionally as well. All of this opens new possibilities for passengers from New Zealand to earn and use Qantas Points.

Qantas Online Mall will include some big brands, such as Samsung, Apple Online Store, Macy's Bloomingdale's and more. In total, there will be 22 retailers, with some of them to be introduced in the months to follow.

Chief Executive Officer at Qantas Loyalty Lesley Grant said anyone who maximizes points earned through everyday spending can grab some interesting Qantas Frequent Flyer rewards.

She said:

"Shopping through the Online Mall is a simple way to earn points and some of our retailers offer five points per dollar spent, so it can very quickly add up."

Qantas Loyalty CEO also said that if frequent flyer members from NZ pay for their Online Mall purchases with a Qantas Points-earning card, they can double-dip on those same Points.

Here's what she also said about this:

"A growing number of New Zealand based members are exploring other ways to earn and use points and the success of the Online Mall in Australia is a great example of that, so we are excited to be launching it for our New Zealand based members."