Qantas Passengers Unloaded After Man Skips Screening

27th Sep 2014

Airport police at Sydney Airport were alarmed on Saturday morning when an unidentified man reportedly skipped security procedures at the terminal.

According to a Qantas spokesperson, the man didn't submit himself to the mandatory security screening procedure at the airport. Instead, he went to the exit door going to T3.

It was found out that he was so engrossed with his iPad that he failed to pay attention to the usual security check that all passengers should undergo when passing through airport terminals.

He later realized that he had missed something he should do, so he went back and submitted himself to the security area.

The incident was witnessed by airport security officials through a CCTV monitor so they quickly alerted some of their team members and got hold of the subject.

As a precautionary measure, the Qantas management ordered all its airport staff, ground and cabin crew included, to help evacuate all passengers from all outbound aircraft which are still at the gate at that time.

The man, who was a passenger of an inbound flight, was later allowed to leave after the mandatory security check.

The airline spokesperson further said that no other terminals at the Sydney airport were affected.