Qantas Plane Gets Diverted To Cairns

21st Sep 2014

The plane had to be diverted to a nearby Cairns Airport to pull out the passenger who was said to be under the influence of alcohol.

The QF24 flight was on its way to Sydney from Bangkok when the man started to behave badly as he was trying to steal whiskey bottles after several rounds of wine. As a result, he destroyed four pairs of plastic handcuffs after he was repeatedly prevented from doing so.

The flight crew decided to divert to the nearest airport to eject the man out of the plane. The aircraft was able to land at the airport safely at around 5:45AM. The waiting police officers quickly went inside and escorted the man out of the plane.

The man gave police officers a hard time as he resisted arrest and kept yelling and swearing at them the whole time even after he was already removed from the aircraft.

The flight was originally expected to arrive at 6:45AM at Sydney Airport but the incident delayed the plane by more than 2 hours.

The man had to face a suit at Cairns Magistrate Court after the Australian Federal Police filed a couple of charges against him for his offensive behavior and violation of the country's civil aviation law.

Qantas never tolerate passengers on board with offensive behavior or commit violation under the country's aviation rules.

The recent incident on a Qantas flight is just among the series of similar events that occurred aboard an airborne aircraft around the globe.

Just last month, an unruly passenger aboard an Air India flight bound for New Delhi from Melbourne was tied to his seat after he maliciously tried to rip off the clothes of one of the cabin crew.

In March this year, a Delta Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing at Cayman Islands after a couple of wedding celebrations went ugly as guests and the newlyweds themselves became drunk and created a mess inside the cabin.

Over in Canada, a Sunwing Airlines flight had to return to Toronto after female passengers engaged in an ugly fight on board, one of them even threatened to set the aircraft on fire.