Qantas Plane Makes Emergency Darwin Landing

29th Sep 2016

Qantas-operated Boeing 737 plane from Brisbane was forced to make an emergency landing at Darwin International Airport on Friday when its cabin started losing pressure due to an air conditioning failure.

The plane had with 172 passengers and six crew members on board.

One of the passengers on board the plane, Jo from Katherine, was on her way to visit her family when she felt the cabin becoming very hot. She had this to say about her experience:

As we went to land, the plane died of all air and now we were safe."

She also said that the captain had to divert the plane to Darwin Airport and land, or the passengers would be completely out of oxygen.

Her fellow passenger John said he noticed something was wrong about half an hour into the flight.

He said:

"We suddenly started dropping. For five minutes we kept dropping. Then the pilot came online, said we had lost cabin pressure and we would be turning to Darwin. It felt like the captain had put the wheels down and it felt like we were falling from the sky. It felt safe, but scary."

John, who is a regular flyer, also said the plane went quiet and some passengers began throwing up.

Qantas has organized a replacement aircraft from Brisbane, but it is still unknown when passengers can expect it.

Qantas and Australia Post Make New 5-Year Deal

Qantas has secured a new deal with Australia Post and will continue to fly international mail and parcels around the world.

The Australian flag carrier and Australia Post signed a five-year agreement worth $500 million, which will also include the establishment of an Australia Post-dedicated freighter fleet in July next year.

Qantas Announces Slow Home Podcast

Qantas has also announced the release of a local health & wellness podcast called "Slow Home". The podcast will be featured on the Flying Kangaroo's in-flight entertainment starting next week.

In addition to "Slow Home", which is hosted and produced by health & wellness blogger Brooke McAlary, Qantas will also feature three other podcasts: "We Fact Up", "The Disruptive Entrepreneur" and "Women's Health ? Live Better Radio".