Qantas Plane Plunge Scares Passengers Airline Sends Email

16th Jul 2015

Qantas passengers on board the Wellington to Sydney flight got into a very scary situation at one point when their plane suddenly plunged in mid-air. As a result, the aircraft was knocked of its axis, slanting the fuselage to an almost vertical level with the ground.

One of the passengers on board said after this:

"One wing dropped right and so we were falling violently for about two seconds. Everyone clasped on to the front of their seats and there was a collective squeal. It righted itself but no one said anything."

The carrier sent an email to its travelers the following day, informing them that the jet caught "some turbulence on descent" and acknowledging the experience "may have been unpleasant for you".

The email also reads:

"We do our best to make our journeys run smoothly, thank you for your understanding."

No Passengers Were Injured

Fortunately, as a spokesman for Qantas confirmed yesterday, not one of the 144 passengers on the flight got injured.

The spokesman said:

"The flight experienced turbulence caused by a wind gust as the aircraft was coming in to landing at Sydney International Airport. The level of turbulence felt by customers is not uncommon in high-wind situations. The aircraft landed as per normal."

A Shocking Experience for the Passengers

Although Qantas did send an email explaining what happened, the carrier's reaction could have been more prompt.

One passenger said:

"I think pretty much everyone would have been quite shocked. I was happy when it righted itself. I'm not a terrified flyer. It was just kind of weird that Qantas didn't say anything and then sent an email."

Qantas Cutting down Johannesburg Flights to Six per Week

Meanwhile, the Australian carrier plans to slice its weekly service from Sydney to Johannesburg from seven flights per week to six.

The route will remain as it is until the end of the Christmas holiday peak period, but one flight will be cut from February next year.

Passengers who have already booked a Wednesday Sydney-Johannesburg flight are moved to Thursday, but they can change the day to Tuesday free of charge.