Qantas Planes Sport Retro-Livery

20th Nov 2014

The new livery is easily recognizable which shows the iconic flying kangaroo on the plane's tail, while a band of yellow-ochre runs across the entire length of its fuselage.

The flying kangaroo has long been a widely recognized symbol of Australia's flag carrier even before it entered the jet age in 1959.

The new livery, also dubbed 'retro-livery', features a white flying kangaroo with a distinctive wing against a red background emblazoned on the aircraft's fin (vertical stabilizer).

During the launching of the new livery, John Travolta was on hand to personally witness the ceremony held at Boeing's hangar in Seattle, Washington. The event was held to coincide with the 70th anniversary since the airline started to use the kangaroo logo.

According to Olivia Wirth, the airline's Group Executive for Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, the choice of the retro-livery on its B737-800 aircraft is not only an acknowledgment of the logo's symbolic role in the airline's long history of operations, but also a recognition of Qantas' pioneering role in the global aviation industry.

She added that Qantas has been an institution in Australia's history as a nation and has played an important role in shaping the country's image as an economic powerhouse.

The retro-livery highlights the carrier's long years of experience in the aviation industry not only in Australia but also in the global scale.

The retro-livery somewhat brings a lot of memories to John Travolta for his being Qantas' ambassador since he joined the airline in 2002.

He was especially elated recalling how his own B707 aircraft painted with the Qantas' 1960's livery. He added that the new livery celebrates the airline's heritage and the legacy that it has contributed to the aviation world.

He remarked how fortunate Australians are to have Qantas as their flag carrier.

The yellow-ochre band around the window line that stretches the entire length of the fuselage reflects Australia's great Outback, the region where Qantas was founded in 1920.

The winged kangaroo, meanwhile, was first used in 1947 and was designed by Gery Sellheim. Qantas dropped the wing from the kangaroo logo beginning in 1984 up to its present form.

The B737-800 plane will start flying across Qantas' domestic routes on November 20th onwards.