Qantas Plans Longest Commercial Flight in the World

14th Oct 2015

Qantas is looking to add a service that will take its passengers 14,000 kilometers from Perth in Australia all the way to London, United Kingdom, the longest journey any commercial airline is traveling today.

The entire trip, which Qantas plans to start operating in two years would take 19 hours, without stopping anywhere in between and would use Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner planes, which have a total capacity of 290 passengers.

Speaking to the Air Transport World about the new route, Qantas Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce said:

"The 787-9 has the range to operate such a route. This opens up direct service from Australia to Europe for the first time."

The Australian carrier currently has eight Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft on order, ready to replace the older and smaller Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets.

Challenges Ahead of Qantas for Perth to London Route

However, one crew won't be enough to handle such a long route. Instead, Qantas plans to bring an additional cabin crew and have a rest area just for the crew above the passenger cabin.

This is not the only problem Qantas will be facing on the first direct Australia-U.K. route. For one, the flight would take the plane directly over the currently off-limit (for air traffic) Crimea. Also, if the plane were to be unable to land in Perth for its return flight, the closest international airport is the one in Adelaide, but that is over 2,000 kilometers away.

At the moment, Qantas operates the longest route in the World, a 13,800km, 14-hour flight from Sydney to Dallas-Fort, but this could be toppled by the recently announced Emirates flight from Dubai to Panama. This flight would begin next year in February and would be 21 kilometer longer than the one operated by The Kangaroo.