Qantas Points New Points Scheme

30th Apr 2014

Loyal customers will soon have a faster and easier way to earn Qantas Points when they fly with Oneworld partner airlines when the airline implements the new scheme, which is targeted to take effect in July this year.

At its current scheme, Qantas Points frequent flyer card holders, who fly with Oneworld partner airlines, has two times longer than the new scheme before they can earn status credits for their travels. For example, if they earn 60 points today flying in a premium economy class from Brisbane to Hong Kong, they will earn half that number with the new scheme.

The earning rates for Qantas Points will reportedly move to the same regional framework as has been implemented for years for status credits.

The earning of status credits in the new scheme will depend largely on geographical zones where flights are taken. Flights on geographical zones for instance include East Coast Australia to West Coast USA; UK or Europe to Asia, etc.

Customers will also have another way of earning status credits based on miles flown especially on flights with multiple legs spanning two or more geographical zones not found in regional table. So for example, if a customer travels 250 miles in the first leg and flies 2,500 miles in the second leg, the cumulative miles flown for the two legs will be added together to earn status credits.

It is expected that the number of frequent flyer points earned by travelers for flights with partner airlines will change as well along with the number of status credits. This depends on which Oneworld partner airline travelers fly with.

For instance, at its current scheme a Qantas frequent flyer member who flies with Alaskan Airlines, Iberia, LAN/TAM or Fiji Airways, on economy class, he earns one Qantas Point each mile flown, and 25% more if he's on a business class.

If he flies with British Airways, however, he only earns a paltry 0.25 Qantas Points for similar mileage flown, even on a much higher fares via Malaysian Airlines or Qatar Airways.