Qantas QView Launched

28th Jul 2014

The state flag carrier has collaborated with oOh! Media to launch its latest service offering called QView, an innovative entertainment portal in airport lounge as well as Qantas Clubs customers.

Qview would allow customers to get the latest in sports, weather, and of course news from all over the world. The latest in digital technology used by the system enables it to notify the customers their boarding time on their own devices via free Wi-Fi access in the lounge.

Customers will be able to see on the viewing selections of their personal devices the contents displayed on the digital screens in each lounge. These viewing selections depend on the preferences and trends of the customers.

Olivia Wirth, Qantas Group Executive Manager Brand, Marketing and Corporate Affairs, claimed that they were quite excited to provide customers digital content experience specially tailored for them.

She added that this service will enhance their customers' travel experience with Qantas as they won't only be able to get the latest news, sports and weather but also personalized flight info such as updated boarding times, approximated walking time to their boarding gate, etc.

oOh! Media is a leading media content solution in the world, according to its CEO, Brendon Cook. The company offers digital solutions which are tailored to the unique needs of their customers in a variety of formats such as digital signs, mobile phones, and tablets. He is proud to have served the premium audience of Qantas passengers who use its lounges on a daily basis.

Mrs. Wirth, on the other hand, stated that the innovative use of new technology available and the airline's focus on enhancing the travel experience of its customers will make Qantas more attractive to travelers.

Starting this August, a huge increase in the amount of digital content offered on-board will certainly please the customers, especially now that the number of Hollywood blockbusters as well as box sets of TV shows increase in number.

Customers will now enjoy an additional 100 hours of entertainment offering on most Qantas flights, both domestic and international: 77 hours more movie flicks and 20 hours of TV content. The additional movie hours include the 28 new Oscar classics and new releases.