Qantas Reconfigured A380 Fleet Now Ready to Take Off

23rd Jul 2013

Qantas is finally done with the reconfiguration of all its twelve A380 jumbo jets sporting all-new cabin layout increasing the individual aircraft's capacity from 450 to 484 seats.

The reconfiguration work was carried out in staggered basis so as not to disrupt its service to the routes where these big birds fly to.

The newly-reconfigured aircraft now features more seats in its economy and premium classes and a downsized capacity in its business class.

Before the reconfiguration, the aircraft can only accommodate 332 seats in its economy class and 32 in its premium class while 72 seats in its business class.

The present layout now adds 39 more seats in its economy, bringing to a total of 371 seats at a maximum. The premium class now seats three more to a total of 35 seats. However, the business class seats are trimmed down to 64, or eight less than its old layout.

Qantas tore down a number of self-service bars and snack areas giving way to more space for more passengers. The airline has been facing stiff competition, especially on international sector, in recent years.

The additional 39 seats in the economy class are found in the rear portion of the upper deck of the aircraft where premium economy class seats used to be located.

The location of the additional 39 economy seats makes them desirable for any budget travelers aboard a A380 aircraft. The premium economy seats, meanwhile, have been moved forward closer to the business class to give way to the additional economy seats.

The Red Roo will amass eight more of these jumbo jets as it will take delivery of another two A380s between 2016 and 2017. The remaining six aircraft will start coming in 2018 until 2019. The airline though is mum whether the future A380 aircraft will also feature similar layout as the newly-reconfigured jumbos.