Qantas Releases New In Flight Safety Video

25th Dec 2013

Qantas, the country's flag carrier has recently released its latest in-flight safety video featuring the new uniform of its flight crew made flashier with its trademark color, Qantas red.

Titled 'Safety in Style, the new safety video has captured the 'back to basics' principle that the airline wants to emphasize with its new and chic uniform.

The national flag carrier has opted to do away with any gimmickry for its newest safety video that other popular airlines have used in their latest safety campaign videos, most notably Air New Zealand for tapping Golden Girls veterans, led by Betty White. Virgin America has employed similar quirky safety videos with its Glee-themed version.

The airline explained that their new in-flight safety video aims to make an impression to the public of the positive changes that the airline has undergone to offer a more improved service to their customers.

Both domestic and international passengers flying on any Qantas flights are now able to view the new in-flight safety video.