Qantas Remembers and Honors ANZAC Heroes

22nd Apr 2015

Chief executive officer of Qantas Group Alan Joyce, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Minister for Veteran's Affairs Michael Ronaldson and Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove were hosts to ten widows of World War One widows during the gala at the Sydney Airport's Qantas base, ahead of their trip to Istanbul.

The occasion was 100 years of ANZAC and the battle of Gallipoli.

Speaking about this historic event, Qantas CEO said:

"Qantas is proud to have worked in partnership with the Department of Veterans' Affairs to help Australians honor those who serve a hundred years ago. Our founders Paul McGuiness and Hydson Fysh were among the young Australians who landed on Gallipoli on 15th April, one of many connections to the First World War that we remember today. Every Qantas crew member on the flight to Istanbul has their own link to the ANZAC tradition and I know that our customers will be in the best of hands on their journey to Gallipoli. "

A total of 364 passengers took off yesterday from Sydney airport at 9:50 P.M. for Istanbul via Perth on a Boeing 747-400ER. The flight should arrive today at the Istanbul Ataturk airport at 12:30 P.M by local time (7:35 P.M. in Sydney).

Named after the founders of Qantas, "Fysh-McGuiness' has a special livery in commemoration of the hundred years of ANZAC. The flight number QF100 will be used in both directions to mark the anniversary.

About Fysh and McGuiness

Hydson Fysh (1894-1974) and Paul McGuiness (1896-1952) were initially enlisted with the Light Horse, but were soon sent to Gallipoli, where they were stationed for the next seven months, as infantry.

Both have in the meantime joined the Australian Flying Corps in the Middle East, McGuiness as a pilot and Fysh as his gunner. Having seven confirmed air victories McGuiness became an ace pilot.

For his services in the AFC and Gallipoli, McGuiness was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Fysh has also received the Flying Cross for his service in the AFC.