Qantas Resumes and Improves Sydney-Gold Coast Service

1st Nov 2012

After four years of absence, Qantas has relaunched its service from Sydney to Gold Coast, starting October 28, signaling its reentry into the lucrative market along the eastern seaboard. The service was once taken over by its sister budget carrier, Jetstar.

Qantas offers a three-times-daily service in its initial stage, aptly timed for morning, afternoon and evening, and vows to offer its business customers more travel comforts in the days ahead.

Among its immediate priority is the upgrading of its airport lounge in Sydney which was previously set up by Jetstar. To be renamed Qantas Club, the new facility will have a bigger space which can accommodate up to 100 persons at a time. It is targeted for completion in time for the busy holiday season, probably in early December when travel season starts to pick up.

To facilitate its check-in counters, Qantas has installed Next Generation Check-in system which comes in the form of a 'tap-and-go' tower for smarter faster check-in enabling its passengers a hassle-free check-in process as it allows them to bypass long queues. The airline is also in the process of installing a self-service bag drop facility to complement its improved service.

According to CEO Lyall Strambi of Qantas Domestic, the flag carrier offers to restore the status of all Qantas Frequent Flyer members in the area and inviting them to fly with them again to enjoy, once more, the privilege accorded to them before Qantas dropped Gold Coast from its network and turned over the service to its low-cost sister airline.

The CEO added that the flag carrier is now revitalized and in the mood of restoring its status as the most preferred airline in the country.

He disclosed that Queensland is close to their hearts and remains an important part of their network as they consider the state as the spiritual home of Qantas.

The CEO recognizes the status of Gold Coast as one of the most important markets, being the country's sixth largest urban center. Straddling an urban sprawl south of Brisbane and a growing market for conference, the city offers opportunity for airlines like Qantas who sees the growing population as an important factor in the resumption of its service.

He acknowledge though that the airline business has never been a walk-in-the-park type of business. However, he sees a brighter prospect in its return to Gold Coast and vowed to work hard to rebuild the market by getting back the trust of their former clients and winning new customers.

Strambi is aware of the fact that they are competing head-on against Virgin Australia, their biggest competitor in the market who has been flying the same route in less than a year and just opened its airport lounge in May this year.