Qantas Sydney to Melbourne Flight for $11,000?

20th Jun 2013

If you were one of those who tried to book a flight on a Sydney-Melbourne route yesterday, via Qantas, you might have dropped your jaw in an all-time low upon gazing at a fare in its unprecedented all-time high: $11,000 for a one-way economy seat!

The figure was almost equivalent to a first class return ticket between London and Sydney, also via Qantas. As if it was not enough, it was also indicated that you will be charged $122 for every single minute on board the short-haul flight.

The unbelievably sky-high tickets were seen listed across the board, from the most affordable Red e-Deal fares to the prohibitively expensive business class seats.

The return fare was merely the aggregate of two one-way tickets or $22,000!

The IT glitch was reportedly discovered by Australian Business Traveller reader Clarence Fong. He immediately called the attention of the airline personnel upon his discovery. According to the airline's spokesperson the system error was quickly fixed as soon as the problem was brought to their attention.

The recent snafu was a complete opposite from the usual online glitch, erroneously offering extremely low low fares which sharp-eyed travelers are quick to grab.

This time around, travelers were too quick to call the airline's attention to correct the system.