Qantas to Improve Onboard Experience with Free WiFi

14th Aug 2016

Very soon, later this year, Qantas passengers will be able to enjoy streaming live sports, update their social media accounts, send and receive emails and much more when traveling with the Flying Kangaroo. The reason for this is that Qantas will soon introduce free onboard Wi-Fi, thus greatly improving passenger experience.

Qantas Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce said that Wi-Fi onboard Qantas planes will be up to ten times faster than conventional onboard Wi-Fi.

Qantas CEO said:

"This service will give Qantas customers download speeds in the air similar to what they're used to on the ground."

In addition to the benefits the Wi-Fi will provide to passengers, it will also be extremely useful to Qantas pilots. They will now be able to turn to it for real-time weather reports for the routes they will travel and thus avoid turbulence.

Maintenance will also seize to cause so many delays as engine information will now be evaluated while the plane is in the air.

Qantas spokesman said about this:

"Pilots are alerted to anything important but a lot of other data can't really be assessed until the aircraft is on the ground. By streaming this information back to base via the internet, our engineers can closely monitor the technical performance of the aircraft and be ready if something needs attention."

The onboard Wi-Fi will also be of great help in any medical situations, as the medical officers on board will be able to send and receive data from their colleagues on the ground and help any ill patients.

A spokesman for Qantas said:

"This will provide a better diagnosis of the passenger which then informs flight crew whether they need to divert to another airport, or if the passenger is stable enough to be treated upon landing at the original destination."

The in-flight Internet should also solve another relatively common problem ? flight delays caused by missed connections.

Speaking about this, the spokesman said:

"We have a team inside our Integrated Operations Centre that looks after rebooking passengers when this happens, but you often can't get this information until you land. With on-board Wi-Fi, we're looking at sending passengers an updated itinerary in-flight so that they have more certainty and can make any other arrangements ahead of time."