Qantas to Introduce Sleep Sooner Service

16th Jan 2015

Starting this weekend, Qantas business class passengers on overnight flights from Singapore bound for Australia will get to enjoy what could be the first in-flight service of its kind by a commercial airline in this part of the world.

The revolutionary service will allow sleep-deprived businessmen to reinvigorate themselves as they'd be able to extend their sleeping moments before they get to their destination.

The 'Sleep Sooner' service is initially available on routes originating from Singapore to Australian destinations such as Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Passengers have to check in at Qantas Singapore Lounge where a team of the airline crew members will ask each one of them if they wish to avail of the 'Sleep Sooner' service on board. If they want to avail of the service, the crew will then prepare the 'bed' for them just before boarding time.

According to the airline's Head of Creative Development and Customer Experience, Kylie Morris, the seat will be in a recline position done with a soft mattress complete with a doona and pillow to induce a good sleep in the sky.

As if it's not enough, the sleep-inducing sight will also come with the Oroton amenity kit and a complimentary bottle of water.

Passengers need not worry about having a pea-size pillow as the one found in the A330 Business Suite is 20% larger than most pillows offered by Qantas in most of its international business class cabins.

At the touch of the 'Do Not Disturb' button, you can sleep all you want until the crew wakes you up as the plane hits the tarmac.

The service will also be available soon on the airline's Hong Kong-Australia routes.

The CEO observed that their passengers on the Hong Kong and Singapore routes usually go to asleep the moment they board the plane. In order to enhance their sleeping moments with Qantas, the airline came up with the revolutionary service.

The airline executive further said that the 'Sleep Sooner' service will also be available later in other aircraft on other international flights within the year.