Qantas Uniform Gets a Total Makeover

1st Nov 2013

Qantas will soon retire its current uniform and replace it with a refreshing look of a European-inspired number to be worn by its ground and flight crew starting December 12 this year.

The new uniform sports a new and vibrant look for both male and female crew. The French navy base for both sexes contrast well with ruby red for male cabin crew and ruby red and fuchsia for female cabin crew. The airline's 12,000 strong staff, both domestic and international, will be donning the new look come December 12 this year.

Though the uniform is yet to be officially worn on December 12, you might have already spotted some Qantas staffers at lounges and terminals in Australia and overseas donning the new uniform. The airline chose a squad of 120 airline staff from its lounges and airports around the world to serve as 'Style Ambassador to introduce its new uniform.

They are given the chance to acquaint themselves of the airline's new look. Aside form this purpose, they are also sent to host 'image and presentation workshops' for Qantas staff in addition to their normal duties.

The new uniform was unveiled in April this year with no other than the designer himself in attendance. He chose the European-inspired look over the current Aboriginal-themed kit.

The new uniform consists of a dominant dusky French navy as a base color to contrast well with ruby red as accent for both male and female crew. In addition to ruby red, female crew is distinguished by their fuchsia pink neckwear.

According to Grant, he is not trying to come up with a specific Australian aesthetic as he finds it enough to have a Qantas logo incorporated in the uniform. Thus, he keeps the red ruby color as an accent to the new set of uniform.

The female version of the uniform features a stylish dress in French navy base with a red accent at the torso cutting diagonally across the chest and a fuchsia left sleeve. The male version of the new uniform, meanwhile, comprises a single-breasted, single-buttoned structured jacket over a V-neck knit vest.

Both male and female crew wear the trenchcoats when not on duty especially in and around the airport premises. The trenchcoat features a fold-down lapel which shows a flash of red and a miniature version of the iconic kangaroo, which has been a Qantas symbol. In addition to trenchcoat, female crew should wear a trilby-style cap. All in all, the new kit comprises 35 pieces of garments.

The new uniform is the brainchild of Martin Grant, an Australian by birth but now based in Paris.