Qantas Unveils A380 Sized Hangar at Los Angeles International Airport

3rd Feb 2017

At a ceremony held last Friday at the Los Angeles International Airport, Australian airline Qantas officially unveiled the first hangar in North America designed specifically to accommodate one of the larger commercial planes in use today ? the Airbus A380.

The hangar, worth $30 million, will allow Qantas to shorten the time it takes it to perform maintenance on A380s and other aircraft by around 20%. That's good news and will certainly help the carrier a lot, as Qantas operates over 40 flights per week between Los Angeles and Australia (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane).

The facility will allow Qantas to perform the necessary maintenance on four aircraft at the same time and also comes with paring pads on the outside. The hangar itself is 480 by 370 feet in size and has a ceiling high enough to allow the A380 to be lifted in order to get to the undercarriage comfortably.

At the unveiling ceremony, the Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said:

"We can have up to four aircraft on the ground at LAX at once and some are here for around 14 hours. So it makes sense to have a facility where we can make good use of that time by doing schedule maintenance. LAX is our next biggest transit point so we're pleased to now have a facility that reflects that."

Joyce also added that, apart from allowing Qantas to do work on its own planes, the new hangar will also allow it to rent space to other airlines and bid for work on their planes.

The new hangar will replace the one built back in 1958.

Qantas Warns Customers of a New Email Scam

Meanwhile, Qantas has warned its customers of a new email scam. The scam in question offers recipients cash and Qantas frequent flyer points if they take part in a survey. The survey, of course, is completely bogus and is in fact a link to a malicious page that is designed to steal your data, so if you get something like that, definitely do not open it and just delete it immediately.