Qantas Upgrades Melbourne-Tasmania Flights

1st Nov 2012

Starting this week, Qantas flights between the mainland and Tasmania will increase as the flag carrier is adding more frequencies and aircraft upgrade between its Melbourne hub and the state's three major points - Devonport, Hobart and Launceston.

In its Melbourne-Hobart sector, Qantas has a good news for business travelers. The busy route will see an additional flight per day to the previous twice-daily service.

While this is certainly a welcome treat to travelers between the two cities, they might be in a surprise to find out soon that the flight schedule and the flight numbers will no longer be the same as they previously had on their planner. As if it is not enough, they will also take a smaller plane from a Hobart-Melbourne morning sked and the Melbourne-Hobart evening flight.

The twin downgraded flights will now use the economy seats-laden Q400 turboprops in lieu of the bigger and more comfortable Boeing 737-800 jets.

So those who are traveling between Melbourne and Hobart, you need to be aware of the recent changes when you fly with Qantas.

Here's what you will take note of the new schedule:


- QF1011 now leaves Melbourne earlier by almost two hours or 7am instead of 8:45, still on a Boeing 737-800

- QF1015, a mid-afternoon service, now takes off Melbourne Airport at 2:55pm, also on Boeing 737-800

- QF2155, the last flight out of Melbourne, now departs 6:10pm, using the smaller Q400.


- QF2148 (formerly QF1010), leaves Hobart at 6:35am using the Q400 turboprops

- QF1012, although an old flight number, now departs at 8:55am using the Boeing 737-800 jet

- QF1016 (formerly QF1012) leaves 4:50pm, still on a Boeing 737-800 jet.

Sure, business travelers welcome the additional flight in both directions as it will give them a more flexible time schedule. However, the downgraded equipment used in their regular flights would seem to ruffle their feathers.

If you can't avoid booking any of the flights using the Q400 turboprop aircraft, the best advice experts can give is to grab any of the following seats - 1A, 1B, 2C or 2D, as these are situated in the front. The main reason why all other seats should be avoided is the crammed legroom.

The Melbourne-Launceston route, meanwhile, will see an increase from 17 weekly service to 28 or almost double its previous frequency.

Qantas is also upgrading two of its weekly return flights between Melbourne and Devonport from a 50-seater Q300 to a much larger Q400 which seats 74. Travelers to Devonport would also enjoy the spanking new Qantas regional lounge which is offers necessary comforts while waiting for your flight such as a wireless internet and light snacks and non-alcoholic beverages.