Qantas Uses Ramps For Planes in Hobart

17th Dec 2014

The flag carrier has started to use ramps for its planes at Hobart International Airport to speed up the boarding and disembarkation time of passengers.

Following the complete pull-out of all turboprops servicing Hobart routes from Sydney and Melbourne and replacing them with B717 jetliners, Qantas also started using ramps in lieu of stairs.

The ramps are said to be more efficient in speeding up the boarding and disembarkation procedures for passengers at the airport for this type of aircraft, especially those who have mobility problems.

According to QantasLink CEO, John Gissing, the ramps enable the airline to improve its time performance, along with better customer service as it enhances travel experience.

The airline primarily used stairs before when it operated a fleet of turboprops at Hobart Airport. It was found to be more time-consuming for passengers, especially the children, seniors and people with disability.

An airline spokesperson revealed that the airline is planning to use ramps in all airports across the country for its fleet of small aircraft, though it didn't specify as to the timetable for their deployment.

She also said that though the ramps are designed for aircraft like B717, the airline will modify them to make them suitable for other types of aircraft.