Qantas Wi-Fi Trial Continues

28th Jun 2012

Qantas will soon offer iPads as part of its inflight service as soon as it is done with its trial phase which has been extended until the end of this year. They hope to offer the wi-fi technology in all of its domestic and international flights.

The platform, Q Streaming, is specifically designed for in-flight viewing only which beams all sorts of in-flight entertainment including TV shows, movies and music.

The demo phase is carried out via its Boeing 767 aircraft specifically because the plane is said to have lacked individual per-seat video.

The Boeing 767 is widely used in the country's various domestic routes such as the short-haul Sydney-Melbourne link and the medium-haul east-west coast routes.

According to the Qantas Executive Manager for Customer Experience, Alison Webster, although the 767 aircraft is usually plying the Sydney-Melbourne-Brisbane triangle route, customers will enjoy more if they fly from coast to coast.

The iPad 2 is easy to find tucked in the seat-back pocket of most seats along with the regular in-flight magazine. Passengers just simply fish it out and start using. A flexible stand is also provided to those passengers in the business class.

All of the 254 seats of the 767 aircraft carry an iPad tablet. The airplane also keeps extra iPads on board as reserve units in case of malfunctions.

The technology used in its Q Streaming app is part of the BoardConnect platform developed by Lufthansa Systems which serves as front-end for 'on demand' content issued from the aircraft's own central server.

The in-flight iPads, Webster claims, are 'locked down' units specifically programmed or designed for use in flight. Unlike regular iPads, it will boot straight to Q Streaming app, bypassing the normal Apple's home screen. The units, therefore, can't be used outside the confines of the aircraft.