QantasLink Discontinues Melbourne to Coffs Harbour Service

9th Jul 2016

Low customer demand has forced QantasLink to ax its weekly direct service between Melbourne and Coffs Harbour, the airline announced on Friday. The carrier also said the service will be canceled from 6th August, citing reduced customer demand as the reason.

A spokesperson for Qantas said in a statement about this:

"Unfortunately we just aren't seeing enough people book seats on the flights. This is despite our hard work over the past two years to promote the service, as well as deploying smaller aircraft on the route to better match capacity with demands."

The spokesperson also said that QantasLink wanted to continue operating the route, but will not be able to do so anymore.

Any customers that booked a flight after 6th August will be compensated for their expenses, the carrier promised.

The spokesperson said:

"If a customer has purchased a flight after 6th August, they have the choice of either a refund or we'll accommodate them on a QantasLink flight from Melbourne to Coffs Harbour via Sydney."

Qantas apologized to its customers for the inconvenience this change might cause them.

Qantas Freight to Become 2016 AEA Silver Sponsor

Meanwhile, Qantas Freight has become the silver sponsor for this year's Australian Export Awards (AEA), capitalizing on the important role it has in the Australian export through opening and developing new markets around the globe.

The nominations for the 2016 AEA include: South Australia 25th July, Victoria 31st July, Queensland and Western Australia 1st August, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory 12th August, New South Wales 15th August and Tasmania on 25th August this year.

The Australian Export Awards have been held since 1963 and so far 791 Australian businesses have won the coveted national AEA award.

This year, as well as the previous ones, businesses will first go through their state and territory award programs before they can enter 2016 AEA. Only state and territory winners will progress to AEA, hopefully to become the new Australian Exporter of the Year.

The final nominations for the national awards will be determined at the gala dinner in October.