Sydney Airport Drinks To The Nations Busiest Coffee Hub

14th Aug 2014

Sydney Airport is dubbed as the nation's busiest coffee hub and there's no other more fitting way to celebrate it than holding it with style.

This month, if you happen to pass through the airport?whether you are arriving or leaving its gates?chances are, you will be greeted with the distinctive aroma of the caffeinated brew wafting throughout the arrival and departure halls.

The airport has launched the Joy of Coffee campaign to celebrate the airport's busy coffee scene by giving passengers a chance to sample some of the best and unique concoctions the airport has prepared for them.

According to Sydney Airport's General Manager, Glyn Williams, the airport's 43 coffee retailers serve, on average, over 63,000 cups of coffee each week. A little less than half of that number, about 44%, are usually served just before 9 in the morning where coffee lovers get their caffeine boost the most.

As a teaser to all those who have the chance to pass through the Sydney Airport anytime this month, here's some of the funkiest coffee menus you might want to try:

- Sparkling Long Black: a unique drink of San Pellegrino sparkling water plus ice made interesting by pouring over of a black blend. Get this sparkling brew at Danks Street Depot and Caviar House & Prunier at T1.

- Affogato: a blend of vanilla gelato and a shot of espresso accompanied with biscotti. Offered at Gelateria and Bar Coluzzi, Rossini (T1), and Quickshots and MoVida (T2).

- Coconut Mocha: a lace of coconut syrup and a sprinkle of desiccated coconut lend a unique taste to this espresso drink. Available exclusively at T2's Toby's Estate.

- Chai-cino: a cappuccino infused with the aromatic chai made more delightful with a cinnamon or chocolate topping. Available at Viaggio (T1).

- Coffee Milkshakes: have it at Trattorria (T1)

- Coopers Espresso Martini: this signature cocktail by Coopers Alehouse is only available during this special campaign period.

- $1 coffee: available at all Krispy Kreme outlets both in T1 na T2.