Sydney Airport Station To Cap User's Fee

20th Aug 2014

Good news awaits frequent flyers through Sydney Airport starting September 1 this year as access fee at the airport's train stations will be pegged at $21 per week.

Travelers, and even airport employees, who use Opal public transport card and the airport's two train stations on regular basis would welcome this latest development.

In the current system, commuters need to pay $12.60 each time they enter or exit either stations in addition to the regular fare of the train ride.

Under the new system, users will only pay a maximum of $21 every week regardless of the frequency of their travel using any of the stations in the airport's domestic and international terminals. This is specially a sigh of relief for frequent airport users who use the airport stations more than once daily in their daily commute.

If they use their Opal card, that means they only have to pay a total of $81 on a weekly basis. That is broken down to $60 for the train fare weekly cap, and the new $21 user's fee.

The new airport station user's fee system wouldn't be a good proposition to those who don't commute as frequent as every day.

The NSW government has contracted with the airport stations operator, Airport Link, to come up with the easy payment system to make it more convenient to frequent travelers and commuters alike who are Opal card users.

According to Sydney Airport spokesperson, it will certainly benefit tens of thousands of people who work in the airport and take the train on a daily basis. There are over 800 businesses and organisations located within the airport premises employing more than 28,000 employees total.