Sydney Airports Axes Express Lane

30th Dec 2014

Arriving passengers on international flights at Sydney Airport's T1 terminal will soon use the color-coded exits?red exit for those who have goods to declare and green for those who have none.

The airport management will stop using the current Express Path lane as soon as the color-coded exits are already in place. It will retain the fast track lane, however, at the Customs area for passport check before the passengers can claim their baggage.

The automated SmartGate passport checkpoint, meanwhile, will be reserved for those who carry smart-chipped passports like most Australians, New Zealanders, Americans, UK nationals, as well as Singaporeans. Needless to say, they will be able to breeze through the usual process that most other passengers have to go through.

Those who were issued Express Path slips, specifically the top tier frequent flyers, as well as first class and business class passengers, won't be able to claim points once they get past baggage claim.

The airport management in coordination with the Customs and Department of Agriculture tries to improve airport procedures based on passengers' and airlines' feedback.

Aside from the institution of the internationally-recognized color-coded exits for arriving international passengers, the airport is also installing large LED screens, putting up new static signage, as well as rationalizing existing signage and provide smoother access routes through the secondary line.

For those who have goods to declare, they will proceed to the red exit which is located at the center of the arrivals hall. Otherwise, they will proceed to the green exit marked 'No Goods To Declare' which is located on both ends of the baggage claim.

The Express Path facility will still be available to departing passengers.