Sydney-Melbourne Route: One of the Worlds Busiest

29th Jun 2012

The figure doesn't only represent a third of the total population of Australia but it also means that the route is among the top five busiest passenger air routes in the world.

Another Australian route makes it to the world's 12th busiest air route - the Sydney-Brisbane corridor. This so-called upper leg of the country's 'golden triangle' in terms of air passenger seats, serves just a little below 4 million passengers each year.

Based on the survey conducted by a bookings company, Amadeus, the Seoul-Jeju route is the world's busiest passengers air route in 2011 with a total of 9.9 million people being served. Jeju is a volcanic island and a prime tourist destination in South Korea.

Coming in the second spot is the Brazilian domestic route between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. Rounding up the third and fourth spots are the Tokyo-Osaka and Tokyo-Sapporo routes, both domestic routes in Japan.

America's routes did not even land in the top 15 of the ranking. Its top two busiest routes, the New York-Chicago and Fort Lauderdale-Los Angeles sectors, each had 3 million passengers.

Based on the survey, save for Rio de Janeiro-Sao Paulo and Cape Town-Johannesburg routes, Asia Pacific region has the world's 8 busiest enter-city air routes.

The same survey reports that BRIC (an acronym consisting of Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and China) countries registered the most robust growth in terms of absolute passenger traffic. China led the way registering 19 million passengers in 2011, followed by Brazil with 12 million. India came strong, adding eight million travelers, Russia contributed six million and Indonesia, 5 million strong.