Tickets for Longest Non-Stop Flight Go on Sale in April

14th Mar 2017

It won't be much longer until Qantas finally starts the much-anticipated longest non-stop direct flight in the world. Tickets for the 17-hour, 9,000+ miles trip between Perth, Australia and London, United Kingdom will go on sale next month.

The service itself will launch in March, 2018 and Qantas will use the 236-seat Boeing 78709 aircraft on the route.

The Australian carrier, didn't say how much passengers would have to cash for the tickets. This is another question regarding the new service as we still don't know the exact launch date, launch and departure times or how long will it take.

Alan Joyce, CEO Qantas said:

"This is a game-changing route flown by a game-changing aircraft. Travellers from Europe have never had a direct link down under before, so the opportunities this opens for them to explore Australia are huge."

Qantas already operates two flights from Australia to UK, from Sydney and Melbourne, but neither is direct as they both go via Dubai.

Qantas CEO Calls for Australia-New Zealand Border Shake-Up

Meanwhile, it seems that Qantas Chief Executive Officer Alan Joyce is less than happy with the border arrangements between Australia and New Zealand and is calling for shake-up.

Mr. Joyce said during a Trans-Tasman Business Circle event in Wellington this Tuesday:

"We think that Australia-New Zealand should have as seamless access as possible. There's no reason why the travel between the two countries should be not like travel within New Zealand. It should be the same. It would make it easier for business travellers and it would make tourism a lot easier."

He added:

"From an infrastructure perspective what it does is improve our efficiency dramatically because we can use domestic terminals."

On Tuesday, commenting the establishment of a new lobby group formed by Qantas, Virgin Australia l Air New Zealand, Tigerair Australia, Jetstar and Regional Express, Mr. Joyce said this was the first time that airlines have "pulled together" to advocate for airline problems with their governments.

The six airlines formed the group last week and dubbed it Airlines for Australia and New Zealand (A4ANZ).