Tiger Introduces Two New Routes

18th Feb 2013

Tiger Airways Australia continues its network expansion with the launch of four new domestic services including two destinations in Queensland State and another two in Australia's Northern Territory.

Over in the Northern Territory, Tiger Airways will open two new services to Alice Springs from its hubs in Melbourne and Sydney. The carrier will also fly from Melbourne to Sunshine Coast and another service will fly from Sydney to Cairns, both in Queensland State.

The two new Queensland routes shall commence one after the other, with Melbourne-Sunshine Coast starting on 27 March 2013, in time for the Easter season. The Sydney-Cairns service will begin one week later, on April 4.

Sunshine Coast, the third biggest metropolis in the state, will be served initially with four weekly flights. The flight frequency will be increased to once daily by June and later on, 130,000 seats will be added per year to that route.

Meanwhile, both services to Alice Springs from Melbourne and Sydney will start on April 9, 2013.

The launching of the new services to the geographical heart of Australia is timed during the advent of the new tourist season.

Matt Conlan, the Minister for Tourism and Major Events, said that the new routes will add another 150,000 seats into the state.

In related news, the low-cost airline will also commence its first NSW intrastate service between Sydney and Coffs Harbor starting February 15 this year.