Tigerair Cancel Denpasar-Australia Flights

30th Mar 2016

Tigerair Australia's newest service connecting Bali, Indonesia and Australia didn't start as well as the carrier intended. Namely, passengers that booked a direct flight from Denpasar, Bali to Australia had their flights canceled. The reason ? Tigerair didn't get a regulatory approval from Indonesia for flights out of Denpasar.

This meant several flights had to be cancelled and passengers rebooked on Virgin Australia.

On the other side, flights from Australia to Bali, as well as round trips are not affected by this, as Tigerair got an approval for those.

Tom Godfrey, of the consumer advocacy group Choice said the Australian Consumer Law forces Tigerair to give customers the service they paid for and in this case, that's a direct flight from Bali to Australia.

Mr Godfrey said:

"Discount shouldn't mean dodgy when it comes to airlines. If the airline doesn't deliver consumers should be entitled to set compensation including associated costs. We think consumers should be able to reasonably expect that if they've paid for a direct flight, they'' get a direct flight."

Several passengers went on to social media to vent their frustration over their canceled flights and in many cases, ruined holidays.

Wes Martini said:

"Tigerair wanted us to go back a day earlier and via Brisbane with a 12-hour layover. They didn't care we would lose a day or that it wrecked our holiday."

Jodie Kelly posted:

"That's terrible! It seems their flights to Bali are operating normally, but the flights home are getting diverted! If this is the case we will book one way with a different airline to get home! So frustrating! I just want to get there ok as we never got their last time due to ash cloud, we were diverted to KL."

Another passenger, Elisabeth Bjelland, compared Tigerair canceling its service from Bali with the volcanic ash cloud that disrupted passage to and from this island last year:

"Our flight on Monday from Bali is cancelled. Got offered a 30-hour flight to Perth via Brisbane cutting our holiday one day short.

Vanessa Regan, media manager at Tigerair Australia said there had been a "small number of passengers affected by scheduled changes from Bali".