Tigerair Permanently Cancels all Australia-Bali Flights

7th Feb 2017

Australian budget airline Tigerair will no longer fly between Australia and Bali, Indonesia. The carrier cites "approval issues" with Indonesian civil aviation authorities as the main reason for ending Australia-Bali flights.

In a statement about this move, Tigerair Chief Executive Officer Rob Sharp said:

"Providing a reliable, low-cost service is critical for Tigerair Australia and our customers, and therefore our only option is to withdraw from flying to Bali altogether. We understand the impact that this situation will have on passengers booked to travel to and from Bali with Tigerair, and we sincerely apologise to all affected passengers."

Indonesia revoked Tigerair's flying license in January, saying the carrier did not meet its charter flight regulations. Despite this, it seemed the problem was resolved, as the carrier itself informed its passengers a couple of weeks ago that it had been given permission to fly again to Indonesia.

This was not to be the case, as one of the main requests Indonesia had was that Tigerair move to a different operating model and that, according to the Virgin Australia unit would take at least six months.

The airline will provide full refunds for all its passengers who have already booked a ticket to the island. As for those who have a ticket from Bali to Australia on Friday, they would be accommodated by other airlines.

The carrier also said it will contact passengers "as soon as possible". Already, some of them received SMS messages (on Thursday night), informing them that their flight had been cancelled.

The refunds will be automatically processed in the next two to four days and sent to customers.

Despite its best efforts, Tigerair's move was not received favorably by its customers.

Julie Roscoe said her entire holiday plan is now ruined because of this. She said:

"They assured us that our flights would not be affected and when I requested a refund, just in case, so I could make alternate plans, they refused and again insisted that our flights would not be affected. They insisted that wouldn't happen."

The airline scheduled at least six services to fly to Bali last Friday, but they all had to be cancelled.