Tigerair Resumes Canberra Melbourne Flights From December

31st Aug 2016

Australian low-cost airline and a subsidiary of Virgin Australia, Tiger Australia has announced today it will resume flights between Canberra and Melbourne from early December this year. The LCC has previously stopped flying this route back in 2011.

Schedule information and pricing will be announced later this week.

The Canberra-Melbourne route is currently held by two of the biggest Australian airlines ? Qantas Airways and Virgin Australia and Tigerair now looks to get a piece of the market.

The carrier hopes its second attempt at flying the route will not be marred with flight cancelations and poor customer services, the things for which it was known for five years ago. As a subsidiary of Virgin, Tigerair officials believe the budget carrier is now ready to service Canberra better than it could in 2011.

Tigerair's Chief Executive Officer Rob Sharp said:

"We've been turning the business around, Virgin Australia acquired the business and we rebranded the business three years ago. We have the lowest cancellation rates now, over the last 18 months, of all the domestic carriers, including the main carriers. What we've been doing is building the network and looking at where there's demand for our low-cost product ? and we believe there's demand here in Canberra."

The news about Tigerair's return to Canberra has been greeted favourable in Canberra. ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr said he believes new budget options will give the Canberra tourist sector a boost when they kickoff.

Mr Barr also said there was "strong evidence" Canberra travellers were forced to pay higher fares due to the monopoly major airlines had on the flights from the city.

He said:

"It was very expensive to fly to Canberra, when you look at the various destinations that are available for people out of Melbourne, they could fly a lot further for a lot cheaper on the low cost carriers than they could to get to Canberra. This opens up a whole new market segment for our city, but for Canberrans as well, it means being able to get down to Melbourne for a very affordable fare."

ACT Chief Minister also said he is hopeful other budget arms, like Jetstar (Qantas arm) will follow in Tigerair's footsteps and introduce flights to Canberra.

"This announcement is going to stimulate some more competition in the marketplace ... as soon as someone makes that commitment, makes that decision, all of a sudden there's a lot of interest in that destination."