Train at the Gym and Earn Qantas and Virgin Points

6th Aug 2015

Gym aficionados in Australia have another reason to visit Snap Fitness or Jetts gym, apart from burning calories and pumping iron. In addition to this, members of these two gyms can now earn frequent flyer points at either Qantas Airways or Virgin Australia.

How does this deal work?

At Snap Fitness, you will have to start a full year membership plan starting on 8th August (next Saturday) and pay the entire membership in full to earn 3,500 Qantas Points. If paying everything at once is too much for you at the moment, you can also go for a more forgiving monthly plan, which will net you a good 1,000 Qantas Points at the start.

That's not all, however. To make sure you don't simply 'forget' that you're a member of a gym, Qantas will award you with another 100 QPs for every month your Snap Fitness gym membership is active.

Of course, customers who already have a membership can link their Snap Fitness memberships to their Qantas Frequent Flyer numbers and get the same 100 points per month. You can do this from 8th August onward.

To turn calories into Qantas Points, simply visit the gym during work hours with both your Qantas Frequent Flyer card and your Snap Fitness membership tag.

Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer members can earn two Velocity Points per every dollar spent on their Jetts gym membership.

Adding to that, Virgin and Jetts will also award those who visit the gym at least five times each month with an extra 60 Velocity Points. There is a catch, however, as you have to visit the gym on five different days. Same day entries will not work.

New Jetts gym members can show their Velocity card when joining the gym for the first time, while those who already lifting weights and running the treadmill here can link their Jetts and Velocity memberships by calling Jetts phone number (13000 53887 247).