Virgin Adds Google Street View to Sydney Lounge

29th Mar 2015

Virgin Australia has partnered with Google to create a one-of-a-kind interactive experience for their passengers. Thanks to this, travelers will be able to enjoy the Sydney airport lounge facilities much earlier than they actually reach it, even getting to browse what the buffet has to offer.

The tour will enable passengers to have free reign of the Sydney airport lounge with just a click of their mouse, before they buy a ticket even.

Libby Armstrong, Virgin Australia's public affairs officer had the following to say about the interactive tour their passengers will get the opportunity to enjoy from now on:

"Google Street View is an innovative technology platform and allowed just to partner with a market leader and show off the architectural design features that define the Lounge environment, and also allows the user to find out some of the finer lounge details which really set Virgin Australia apart."

Speaking about what it took to create a Street View of Virgin Australia Sydney airport lounge, Armstrong said that the process was like what Google usually does to create Street View maps, just without the Google car taking photos:

"We had someone from Google come in with a standard SLR camera. He had to take about 5 or 6 photos in each spot of the lounge you can click on, in 360 degrees. After the shoot, he went away and had to stitch them all together to create the walkthrough."

Touring the Virgin Australia Sydney lounge, users can see almost first-hand what kind of facilities does the carrier offer to its passengers for rest, refresh or work while they're waiting for the next flight.

As most things created by the Google Maps team, the interactive Sydney airport lounge tour is open 24/7 to visitors from all over the world and is very easy to navigate.