Virgin Atlantic Safety Video Celebrates Hollywood Greats

24th Feb 2014

The next time you take a Virgin Atlantic flight, you might be surprised to watch an animated video that closely resembles that of a movie you watched eons ago, as your plane is about to take off.

The cheeky video is the latest inflight safety video from Virgin Atlantic which pays tribute to the movie greats in Hollywood. These include some of the most memorable and blockbuster films as well as the famous people who made them.

The short animated versions of the popular films were revealed recently by the airline ahead of its debut on March 1, 2014, a day before the 86th Academy Awards are held.

Some of the video references include the epic 2001: A Space Odyssey as well as The Beatles' Yellow Submarine and many others.

Leon Trigg, Virgin Atlantic's production manager, admitted that the idea to make a safety video in reference to Hollywood movie greats has long been planned to reflect the airline's appreciation of the motion picture. He was quick to add that they will continue to advance their reputation by offering products and services to their customers while adhering to high quality standards.

Since the video will be watched several times over each week, he further said that it would be important for the airline to show its cheeky advantage that the airline is known for.