Virgin Australia and Australia Post Ink Agreement

8th Jun 2014

Members of the Velocity Frequent Flyer will have another reason to smile, as they will get to earn points just by using their card when they make their bill payments through Australia Post's MyPost Digital Mailbox.

Starting last June 6, every payment made through MyPost Digital Mailbox, amounting to $50 or more, will enable them to earn 50 Velocity points. The airline, however, clarified that regular payments made through Postbillpay will not earn points.

The MyPost Digital Mailbox is a free service offering by Australia Post that allows customers to receive mails, documents and pay bills securely wherever they may be in the world.

To attract more customers to use the digital facility, the airline gives Velocity members a bonus of 1,000 points as soon as they sign up with the digital service from June 6 and July 6, 2014.

Among the early users of MyPost Digital Mailbox are AMP, Brisbane City Council, Sydney Water and Telstra. Australia Post launched the digital service only last year.

Virgin Australia CEO, John Borghetti, is very happy with their partnership with Australia Post citing the old company's innovative self-service tools and its strong relationships with its satisfied customers. He added that the values the government-owned postal service company has espoused parallel to the airline's quest for excellence in its drive to be the best that they can be in the industry.

Soon, Velocity members will also be able to receive their monthly statements through the MyPost Digital Mailbox.