Virgin Australia Calling For Owner of Engagement Ring

3rd Oct 2014

If you happen to be the person who lost the engagement ring at Virgin Australia's Melbourne lounge, the precious thing is now in the good hands of the airline.

If you were the owner of the band, all you need to do is establish a contact with the airline and confirm it yourself by seeing them in person and, most importantly, provide proof that the precious band is indeed yours.

The airline refused to describe the ring nor provided a photo in order to avoid a barrage of false claimants which would muddle the search.

The airline spokesperson said that it has decided to go to the social media in their search because nobody tried to look for it. They thought that it's very unusual that nobody searched for its whereabouts so they made an effort to help the person or couple to locate it and we got it.

One possible owner of the precious item claimed via twitter that she had indeed lost a diamond ring and suspected she might have lost it in the Melbourne lounge during her trip to the city without specifying the exact date of her travel.

Virgin Australia, of course, thought she must be the true owner and quickly advised the user to contact their office directly.

Nothing was heard of her and the airline after that.