Virgin Australia Cancels Flights to Bali

10th Jul 2015

The potential threat from Mount Raung has still not diminished as the volcanic ash cloud still hovers precariously over Bali. For this reason Virgin Australia has decided not to risk the safety of their passengers and crews and has cancelled all flights that were bound to Denpasar from Australia on Friday.

So far, the decision only affects incoming flights to Denpasar, but not flights from it. The Australian airline will make that decision later today.

Yesterday, both VA and Jetstar canceled their noon and evening flights, but said they would return to the sky if conditions improve. Obviously, that hasn't happened.

When it comes to Jetstar, this airline said it is waiting for the updated information from the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre regarding the volcanic ash cloud before it can make a decision whether to fly to Bali or not. If conditions do improve, Jetstar promised additional flights to and from Bali in the days to come.

Australia-Bali Flights Grounded Since Wednesday

Flights between Australia and Bali have been grounded since Wednesday due to a volcanic ash cloud above the local Mount Raung and the eruptions from it.

On 5th July, the VAAC changed the volcanic ash advisory from code orange to code red, but then downgraded it back to code red.

At the time, Jackson Browne from VAAC said there wasn't a lot of emission coming from Mount Raung. He also said the emissions were too thin to be picked up by satellites and that pictures only showed a cigarette-like plume coming out of the volcano.

The situation clearly changed in the five days leading to this point, so it's hardly a surprise that carriers are reluctant to fly to Denpasar Airport while their vision is obscured by the ash cloud.

Nearby Lombok Pray International Airport and Ngurah Rai International Airport are continuing to operate as usual.