Virgin Australia Delays Bali Flights Again

15th Jul 2015

Just when everyone thought service to Bali will continue as normal, another volcanic eruption from Mount Raung makes Virgin Australia delay its flights to this Indonesian island.

Virgin Australia to Consult with the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre on Flying Conditions to Bali

VA said it will consult with the VAAC (Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre) over flying conditions, but in the meantime, the carrier has decided to push back some departure times.

However, Jetstar confirmed it will fly to Denpasar airport as planned. Company's CEO David Hall said the airline has already assessed the situation and found it safe to fly, regardless of new eruption at Mount Raung.

Mr. Hall said:

"Our flights that are scheduled to depart from Australia this morning, we've given the green light to those that it is safe to travel."

Hall did, however say Jetstar will keep an eye on the situation and respond accordingly. He said the carrier will keep its customers informed.

"We've got a dozen people on the ground now in Denpasar helping the customers at the airport. We've got people working around the clock in our operating centre and customer recovery, getting information through to customers. We've doubled our team on social media."

Many Australians Still Stranded on Bali, Waiting for Relief Flights

Both Virgin and Jetstar, two carriers from Australia that operate direct flights to and from Bali, have resumed service late on Tuesday. Thanks to this, thousands of Australian tourists and holiday goers made it back home safely. However, many Australians are still stranded on this island and are waiting for relief flights.

Largest Australian carrier Qantas will join the relief effort with two Boeing 737-800 aircraft that will bring Australian passengers back home. Both of these planes are to land at Perth airport.