Virgin Australia Dishes Out Free Meals

27th Dec 2013

At 40,000 feet above the earth, what could be a better way to slug it out for supremacy than titillating passengers' appetite with sumptuous meal on board?

That's what many airlines these days are exactly doing to lure away customers from rival carriers. In Australia, the fight has become a serious business among archrivals who can't seem to do enough by simply slashing down fares.

Case in point is between the flag carrier and Virgin Australia, two of the country's largest airlines and have been at odds ever since accusing each other with unfair competition practices.

Recently, Virgin Australia is taking the rivalry to a higher level, literally speaking, 40,000 feet above ground as it began offering sumptuous in-flight meals on selected flights between two major destinations in the continent. Travelers flying between the larger cities of Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney will get the chance to avail of complimentary meals on board.

It would be the airline's biggest attempt to grab a sizable market share from its archrival.

The airline has just carried out major innovations and renovations across almost all aspects in customer service such as putting up and enhancement of lounges across major airports in the continent.

During the yuletide season, it offered free meals to customers passing through its lounges in Australia and selected airports in its international network, and free on-board meals on Christmas day.

According the airline spokesperson, in-flight dining is something Virgin Australia wants to improve on to keep their customers, especially if its complimentary.

The airline found it successful when it performed a trial run for its complimentary meals on board during the holiday season to most flights to Bali, Fili, Perth and Thailand.

The airline's celebrity head chef, Luke Mangan, promised to concoct something innovative that would set them apart from the competition.

He admitted though that they haven't come up yet with what kind of food they really want to offer but he assured that it will be a great revelation in the next few months.