Virgin Australia Increases Flights to Gladstone

23rd May 2012

Virgin Australia, the second largest airline of Australia, announced that starting May 28, two more daily flights will be added to its 56 daily flights to Brisbane and Gladstone via its ATR turboprop aircraft.

The first additional flight will depart from Brisbane at around 8:50 in the morning, and arrive at Gladstone at around 10:10am. Return flights will then be from 10:40am from Gladstone to exactly 12:00nn at Brisbane.

The second additional flight, on the other hand, will take place in the evening, flying from Brisbane at 5:50pm, and arriving to Gladstone at 7:10pm. The return flight, which is the last one for the day, will be at 7:40pm to 9:00pm from Gladstone to Brisbane.

Merren McArthur, a member of the airline's executive team, said that the commencement of the services of ATR in the later part of the previous year gained favourable response in the addition of competition to the route. She also cited that the added connection times in the city of Brisbane mean that the guests would be able to connect onto their partner airlines, as well as to their international and domestic services.

She further added that with the other 200 ATR flights every week within the Capital Territory, New South Wales, and Queensland, the aircraft is slowly becoming very popular throughout their network.