Virgin Australia Innovates Check-in Procedure

11th May 2014

Checking-in at the airport is now made simpler and quicker when you fly with Virgin Australia with its innovative check-in process. This innovation will no longer require passengers to produce a hard copy of their boarding pass to be presented to the airline personnel at the boarding gate.

In the previous set-up, passengers had to secure a printed copy of their boarding pass when they used the airline's mobile check-in facility. They were required to present the printout at the boarding gate before they are allowed to board their flight.

In the new set-up, passengers will no longer be required to produce a hard copy of their boarding pass for a clutter-free travel. Instead, they only need to present their mobile phone for scanning twice, first at the boarding gate and finally, at the aircraft door.

The innovative service is now initially available on all domestic flights, including regional destinations where passengers don't use aerobridges for boarding.

For the time being, passengers on international flights will still be required to present a printout of their boarding pass at the gate.

With regards to the usage of mobile phones by passengers on board, the airline clarified that mobile phones may remain switched on while on the tarmac, but passengers are still prohibited to use it for making calls or texts.

Passengers are advised to have their phones ready as soon as they enter the aircraft door for scanning by the flight crew on board.